Completing Week 7 of Teach For America Oklahoma Regional Institute. Short Reflection.

My views and reflections are my own and should be kept in this context. I only speak for myself and from my experience at TFA Oklahoma Regional Institute training in 2015.

By: L.L.Morales

*If anyone ever has any questions and wants to know more details I am happy to chat about my experience. Right now, I have no time to go into detail because I am wrapping up important work that I need for the fall.*IMAG1471

Today is the last day of my  7 week long TFA Oklahoma Regional Institute. It has been one of the top 10 most challenging experiences of my life.

I would rate my performance in the classroom and at Institute at a D+/C-.  I have felt overwhelmed and anxious most of Institute. BUT, I am a lot more confident and prepared for teaching 2nd grade in the fall.

Going forward, I commit to putting in the hours I need to be a transformational teacher. I still believe I can be a transformational teacher regardless of my performance this summer. 

I am excited about being at Marshall Elementary and an active part of the Tulsa, Oklahoma community. I still have hope and know that I CAN make an enormous difference in student’s educational experience.


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